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The CACI Clinic
Beauty Salon in South Yarra




A gentle exfoliation treatment using "Diamond Dermabrasion" to remove the surface layer of dead skin as well as simulating cell renewal. Excellent for deeper lines, scarring, pigmentation or general deep cleanse.

30 MIN  |  $120.00

45 MIN  |  $144.00

Micro + Peel

A combination of micro dermabrasion & a peel, customised to suit your skin type, giving skin a radiant glow. Please note that the price ranges from $228 to $280. The final price and time may vary depending on your individual requirements.

60 MIN  |  $228.00

Micro + Peel + Oxy


60 MIN  |  $299.00

Micro + Oxy-Mist Oxygen Therapy

A combination of exfoliating micro dermabrasion followed by a collagen mask, infused using microcurrent.

60 MIN  |  $265.00

Micro + Collagen Infusion


60 MIN  |  $269.00

CACI Face + Marine Collagen Repair Complex Infusion

All the benefits of the CACI treatment, plus infusion of collagen repair complex, plumping fine lines, leaving skin smoother & plumper with renewed elasticity.

90 MIN  |  $260.00

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